Withdrawal question

Hello all, big fan of marijuana over here but I definitely took it a bit too far as my appetite and sleep became 100% dependent on it. Smoked fairly consistently for years but this last year I went HAM. So I am taking a break. 2 weeks in to my weed free stint and I’m sleeping like a baby, and eating like I’m growing like one which is bringing my weight back up. Although I do get frequent headaches now and my mood is a complete mess, swinging majorly.

Anyways, my question to any others out there with experience in this type of situation is how long should I wait before i start to dabble again, without any risks? Certain things I do are awesome with weed like making music for instance.

Mary Jane ain’t bad I’m not saying it is, but like anything, it definitely can be without moderation. I have a new outlook and approach for when I fire back up again, but I don’t want to sacrifice any progression towards enjoying the benefits of weed again by hopping back on the train to early.

Any and all information on a situation like this is greatly appreciated!

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