Dakine 420 Pioneers the Cannabis and Hemp Markets with 21st Century Tech

REDMOND, Ore.Marijuana has come a long way from the days of back-alley bags of untracked, untested weed-for-cash exchanges, to a scientifically and technically fine-tuned, highly diversified multi-billion-dollar industry.

Today, cannabis and hemp are being integrated with sophisticated digital platforms that educate, inform and drive decisions for millions of consumers and businesses on everything from genetics and grow nutrients to strains and dispensary locations.


Oregon-based Dakine 420, a manufacturer of cannabis-specific nutrients, microbials and grow media, is a pioneer in the synthesis of cannabis and hemp markets with 21st-Century technology. The company, founded in 2013 by a legacy cannabis grower, combines extensive growing experience and solid science with the power of curated digital tools, in a quest for a seamless grower-to-distributor-to-consumer experience benefitting all parties and advancing the trade.

In 2015, Dakine 420 Founder and CEO, Kelly Martin, launched the world’s first comprehensive online directory, marketplace, news portal, and growing advice resource: CannaFo.com. Cannafo’s mission was to bring information scattered across the Internet into one easy-to-navigate portal. Created by business development and software engineering professionals, it has played a key role in advancing the growth of cannabusiness, leveraging information-based technology to share the world’s best cannabis resources and innovative tools for businesses and consumers to market, buy and advocate for cannabis products.

CannaFo focuses on four main areas: A searchable index of over 8,000 cannabis strains, a nationwide dispensary locator, a directory of businesses related to the cannabis industry, and the Connect mobile marketing & loyalty app. Dakine 420 and retailer partners also increase traffic through front-page listings.

About Dakine 420
Founded in 2013 by a pioneer in Cannabis cultivation, Dakine 420 brings cutting-edge, affordable grow supplies to the nationwide horticultural market. High Yield Science is the foundation of our company. We provide the tools and support our customers need to obtain the best quality and highest yields in the shortest times possible, as the only nutrient company in the nation offering live chat for growers with questions. Short grow cycles and high yields increase profit, and Dakine 420 helps achieve grower goals in sustainable fashion. Our dedication to the Cannabis industry is unmistakable. Contact us at (541) 420-4645 or email [email protected]. Find us at www.Dakine420.com

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