Delta 8 Chocolates are Here

Delta 8 Chocolates are Here

Jan 14th to Jan 31st
Online and instore $5 Off Large bar ($25 Retail Price)

Delta-8 THC Chocolates are Here!

Delta-8 THC is here, and now in chocolate form! Tri-Healthy CBD, your CBD shop for any and all your CBD needs, is now supplying Patsy’s Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bars. Now available in-store and online, such a product deserves a warm welcome onto our shelves and so beginning on January 15th we will be taking $5 OFF a large Delta-8 chocolate bar when you purchase at our store locations in Niles, Youngstown, and Venice; or through our online store at

As an analogue of Delta-9 THC (D9), Delta-8 THC has many similarities but it is distinguished enough to yield its own unique benefits. Delta-8 has a familiar psychoactive effect to Delta-9 but provides a more subdued and mellowed out experience. Enjoy the euphoria without the anxiety and a more clear-headed state of mind to boot. Delta-8 is also known for being a promising solution for nausea in many cases. Research also suggests that Delta-8 could be applicable in stimulating or stunting appetite, relieving pain, easing anxiety, and it may even act as a neuro-protectant. Research is still in development but Delta-8’s potential benefits are exciting nonetheless.

You can try these absolutely delicious Delta-8 chocolate bars as a Milk Chocolate or a Dark Chocolate and both flavors contain 300mg of pure Delta-8 THC with 20mg per break making for a more than shareable snack. Delta-8 is bursting onto the scene and we’re giving it a warm welcome by taking $5 OFF when you purchase these any day after January 15th all the way until the end of the month on January 31st. You don’t want to miss out on this limited time offer so find us at one of our stores inside the Eastwood Mall in Niles, Ohio, inside the Southern Park Mall in Boardman, Ohio, or at our Venice, Florida location at 248 Tampa Avenue West 13A.; or if you wish to purchase online you can do so through our online store at For more information regarding new products and sales consider following our social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay-Healthy with Tri-Healthy!

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