When is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

Cornbread Hemp is a family-owned, and a Kentucky-proud, company that is dedicated to producing the most potent USDA certified organic CBD oil allowed by federal law. Why Kentucky-proud? Because the geographical and geological conditions of the Bluegrass State make it ideal for producing the best hemp in the world. Limestone bedrock beneath our soil gives Kentucky water a “sweet” taste. It is the same water that produces the world’s best bourbon and fuels the finest racehorses.

Kentucky is also located on the 37th-parallel, the same latitude as the famous Hindu Kush mountain range where all Indica strains of cannabis originated. So, the same light cycles that hemp was born in shine on Cornbread Hemp‘s crops.

As one of our co-founders, Jim Higdon, once said, “Kentucky is to hemp what Napa Valley is to wine.”

Our organic hemp is grown on family farms that use crop rotations instead of fertilizer for quality, taste, and freshness. We hand-craft our hemp oil products in small batches to ensure quality, and every batch is tested by a third-party lab for unbiased results. Lab reports for Cornbread Hemp CBD products are available on our website for easy viewing, and can be accessed via scannable QR code on each product’s package.

Cornbread Hemp produces only all-natural CBD oils that have been USDA Certified Organic. No gimmicks; just flower-only extracted, full spectrum, Kentucky-grown, sustainably sourced oils for your AM and PM needs. We don’t need any additives because our products work on their own without additional supplements, and our oils taste great without artificial flavors or other essential oils. The difference between our AM/PM bundles and our competitors’ is “night and day.”

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