Cannabis’ Black Friday is called Green Wednesday?

You’d better make extra pie.

Hundreds of thousands of America’s legal cannabis smokers are set to deluge the nation’s dispensaries this week with orders for “Green Wednesday”—marijuana’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From San Diego, CA to Boston, MA, the long Thanksgiving holiday—plus stay-at-home orders—have weed consumers snatching up handfuls of discounted pre-rolls (joints), as well as vaporizer cartridges, gummy edibles, and tinctures.

It’s all to spark joy and ease boredom, said Matt Janz, marketing head for The+Source retail shop in Las Vegas.

“Green Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to prepare for food fights with in-laws, all-day baking affairs, and defeating the indomitable itis.”

What is Green Wednesday?

One in three Americans now lives in a legalized state and buying patterns for the last six years consistently show a sales bump in the run-up to big holidays. The stoner holiday of April 20th (420) is the US’ biggest weed sales day of the year, but second place goes to the Wednesday before the long Thanksgiving break.

Marketers never miss an opportunity, and California delivery service Eaze claims they coined the term “Green Wednesday” in 2016. Four years later, thousands of legal stores amplify the herd’s swerve toward weed with deals like 5-50% off certain items.

“It’s becoming more recognized every year,” said John Ford, vice president of retail at Chalice Farms in Oregon.

  • Nationwide, orders are up 40% on Green Wednesday over an average day, according to cannabis analytics company Headset.
  • Green Wednesday sales run double the average Wednesday, said Kristine Lyng, Director of Digital Marketing at major San Jose, CA retailer Caliva.
  • California delivery service Eaze said Green Wednesday orders are almost double the prior four Wednesdays, said Senior Director of Corporate Communications Elizabeth Ashford.

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Original article written by David Downs

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