Can CBD Help Handle Hangovers?

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A hangover is something that you can expect after having a few drinks but not all get hangovers and all the ones that go through hangovers may not experience symptoms of the same type and intensity. For some, a hangover will be extremely unpleasant while others may only have to handle mild symptoms.

In this article, we find out if CBD is effective in handling hangovers.

What Is A Hangover?

A hangover is caused by the influence of alcohol on various bodily functions. The presence of substances like congeners in the drinks increases the severity of the hangover symptoms.

Symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, weakness, and dizziness are associated with hangovers. Various factors including age, genetics, sex, health status, and personality are known to influence the severity of hangover symptoms.

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CBD For Hangovers

CBD offers a wide spectrum of medicinal benefits and many of the positive effects of CBD are quite useful in handling the typical symptoms of a hangover.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory and its specific property can help handle the headaches that are experienced by many as part of a hangover. As alcohol is a diuretic, your body may become dehydrated after alcohol consumption, leading to headaches and dizziness.

The impact of alcohol on the gastrointestinal system causes symptoms like nausea and vomiting that can be effectively tackled with CBD, as it is an antiemetic.

What Are The Other Ways To Get Relief From Hangover Symptoms?

A hangover is not going to last more than a day and while you wait for its symptoms to subside, you may try the following tips:

Rehydrate: How much water you should drink to avoid becoming dehydrated depends on how many drinks you took the night before. Keep drinking water at a steady pace throughout the next day.

Eat carbohydrate-rich foods: Alcohol consumption can lower your blood sugar levels. Eating foods rich in carbs can help stabilize your blood sugar and ease the discomfort in your stomach.

Take an antacid: Alcohol can increase acid production in our stomach and cause irritation. Antacids can help ease the discomfort caused by excessive acid levels in the stomach.

Replenish electrolytes: Alcohol can lead to an electrolyte imbalance in our body causing headaches and dizziness. You can take sodium-rich electrolytes to restore the balance of the electrolyte levels in your body.

To avoid future hangovers, choose lighter colored drinks like vodka and gin that contain congeners in smaller concentrations. Good sleep also plays a key role in preventing future hangovers.

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