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HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The cannabis retail pioneers at Deep Six CBD are making waves in the Pennsylvania region again. Cannabis treatments for anxiety and depression are on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and so these proven CBD leaders have introduced Delta 8 THC oil, vapes, and even Delta 8 edibles to their Camp Hill, PA store at Capital City Mall.

Delta 8 THC, or “THC 8”, is the latest hemp cannabis product available that can be sold directly to consumers.

Deep Six president Nick Kruczaj, an Air Force veteran and cannabis entrepreneur, remarked, “Delta 8 has done wonders for our customers in other regions, especially the Philadelphia area. We’re thrilled to have the freedom to bring helpful, natural THC 8 to Harrisburg’s west shore.”

No med card? No problem for users in the Harrisburg area.

He added, “With so few local marijuana dispensaries in the area, it was a great opportunity to bring Delta 8 THC dispensary know-how to Harrisburg and give people the chance to experience these full relaxation & mood lifting effects for themselves. We’ll also continue to carry CBD products for cannabis treatment seekers who don’t wish to experience the ‘high’.”

Deep Six customers in the Harrisburg area report using Delta 8 THC for everything from PTSD to simple relaxation, and that they enjoy a soothing, clear-headed “buzz” without the slack-jawed paranoia & anxiety that traditional Delta 9 THC cannabis can cause when consumed.

Deep Six’s location in Capital City Mall, just a short drive from Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg, began by serving their community with a range of hemp-derived vape, oil tincture, and edible forms. The stores’ new Rewards program provided a means to thank their more loyal customers directly – with discounts, exclusive sales, and more. Combined, these have transformed Deep Six from a curious convenience to a communicative, welcoming retail operation with consistent and dedicated customers in every area that they touch.

Harrisburg area residents owe it to themselves to try Delta 8,” said Benton Purtle, Operations Manager of Deep Six CBD. “I use a Delta 8 micro dose as a more natural alternative to attention medications such as Ritalin. I’ve battled with ADHD for my entire life – Delta 8 THC oil tincture, used consistently in very small doses, helps me to maintain focus in my daily professional and personal life.”


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