My mom just got one of my weed cookies unknowingly. Thought I’d share

I’m not proud of this because the bag of cookies should have been labeled but they were in her freezer. I was living with her for a few months and a friend of mine made them for me. Well. I stored them in the freezer in the basement behind a few things and had planned on getting them when I moved out. That was a month and a half ago. I honestly had forgotten about them.

Well. Her boyfriend just called me. Said something about being at the hospital and I was freaking out. Thinking to myself, “Is it a heart attack? Fuck. not today satan. Please no”. Nope. She’s just high. I sent her a text apologizing to my anti-marijuana and drugs mother but I guess I won’t be going over there for a while. I think this is the number one reason I moved out at this point. Not that weed is a daily part of my life any more but let’s just say I have more freedom now.

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