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Shocking Study Reveals That More Seniors Are Turning To Marijuana It appears that more seniors in America are choosing marijuana over traditional treatments. Minority women who are over 65 and […]

7 Hottest Marijuana Markets To Watch In 2020 Like bushfire, the 7 hottest marijuana markets in 2020 will be hard to contain. It’s not just the wave of legalization sweeping […]

Utah Opens Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary On Monday this week, the conservative state of Utah opened its first medical marijuana dispensary. This comes long after the state and […]

20 Free Keyword Research Tools For Your Marijuana Business We have compiled the ultimate guide to free keyword research tools for your marijuana business in 2020. The best thing about […]

Tips to buy CBD for sleep online Here are all the important tips to buy CBD online for sleep. Whether it is your first or umpteenth time, this guide […]

Recreational Dispensaries In Maine Set For June 2020 It’s been a long wait as recreational dispensaries in Maine are set to open in June 2020. This is not all doom […]

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