CBD EDU: The 411 On CBD Vapes

Enjoying CBD via vaping can create a chill, sensory, relaxing experience for the vaper. Vape pens are portable and discrete, making them a hassle-free addition to your everyday centering routine. Vapes are a wonderful way to combine the benefits of CBD and essential oils—so much of the vaping experience is centered on the way the vapor tastes, smells and feels.

Vaping is the ideal option for experienced CBD enthusiasts looking for a non-edible, non-topical way to enjoy CBD. It may even provide respite for ex-smokers who are interested in a restful experience that doesn’t involve consuming harmful products. While vapes have been a hot topic in recent years, you may still be wondering exactly how they work and how often you can use them throughout your CBD journey.

How do you use a CBD oil vape pen?

Vape pens work by vaporizing the liquid within a cartridge with a battery-operated heating device. Users inhale the product through a small mouthpiece at the top, and there is usually a light on the pen that will glow indicating when the vape is in use. With CBD vapes, approximately 1-2mg of pure CBD are inhaled in every three-second puff.

Those who have experienced CBD in other forms before, such as edibles and topicals, may be surprised how quickly they feel the effects of vaping CBD. Vaping is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD —for some the effects are instantaneous.

How often you use the vape will depend on your comfortability level and what you want to get from the experience. If CBD is a regular part of your wellness routine you may find yourself vaping throughout the day. If it’s just for special occasions, using the pen in moderation is also effective.

Are CBD vapes safe?

Here at Social CBD we’ve combined pure hemp-derived CBD with natural essential oils in a prefilled and ready to use vape pen. Our CBD vape pens feature a ceramic core cartridge, calibrated for ideal CBD vaporization. This helps preserve the taste by keeping the temperature even during use.

We put every vaporizer through 7 levels of quality control checks at our production facility. During this process, pens are cured for 24 hours before distribution, minimizing mechanical failure and allowing the oil extracts to fully saturate each wick.

What are some CBD vapes to try?

The Social CBD pre-filled vape pens are formulated with natural essential oils as well as hemp-derived CBD. Our ceramic core cartridge works to deliver a tasteful, smooth and even-temperature experience.

Our vapes can be divided into three core categories based on the goals of the consumer: focus, relax and revive. To help focus, vapers enjoy Peppermint and Spearmint flavors. Studies have shown that menthol can help enhance alertness, memory and focus so the peppermint and spearmint options are good for those looking for a little mental refinement.

If your vaping experience is intended to help you slow down and relax, you may be interested in the Lavender flavor. The calming lavender essential oil works in conjunction with MCT coconut oil to provide soothing herbal bliss.

Lastly, our vapes can offer a revitalizing and uplifting experience. We suggest checking out our Grapefruit and Lemon flavors if you’re looking for a bit of a pick-me-up. Like the zing of a spring day, these fruity flavors can help promote energy and bliss.

Each one of our vapes go through safety and quality control checks where pens are inspected for mechanical failure and leak control. Our vapes are tamper-resistant and airtight, allowing you to vape safely.

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